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Free with risks? 免費電話諮詢之風險

Even though it is common that some therapists offer a free 20- to 30-minute phone consultation before an initial intake session, especially in the US, there are some risks for providing so. Here is a summary from an article posted at the website of American Psychological Association. The original article can be reached at


  • check if that is good-fit for each other or the provider provide/does not provide the treatment the client is looking for

  • help to reduce the uncertainty of what to expect


  • have potential ethical and legal risks

  • imply the establishment of client-therapist relationship

  • behave like a treating psychologist, when diagnostic questions, specific advice and immediate suggestions are inquired


  • Keep the call to five to ten minutes

  • Share information about treatment approach, but not the presenting problem

  • Share logistical information related to schedules and insurance and cost issues

  • Refer the caller to a more suitable provider if necessary

  • Remind the caller that diagnostic or therapeutic services cannot be provided during the call

有啲治療師(尤其喺美國)會喺首節諮詢前,提供20至30分鐘嘅免費電話諮詢。就算常見都好,咁樣做其實係存在一啲風險。美國心理學會網站上曾發表過一篇相關文章,以下會試列出摘要。 原文可 上搵到。


  • 了解雙方係咪合適,或者服務提供者有冇提供緊佢搵緊嘅服務

  • 幫助減少對諮詢節嘅期望嘅未知


  • 有潛在的道德和法律風險

  • 暗示建立緊治療關係

  • 當被詢問診斷問題、具體建議或即時建議時,會表現似其主治心理學家


  • 將通話時間保持5至10分鐘

  • 可提供有關治療方法嘅信息,並非主訴

  • 可提供與預約、保險及收費嘅相關信息

  • 如有需要,可將來電者轉介至更合適嘅服務提供者

  • 提醒來電者於無法於電話提供診斷或治療服務

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